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A Guide to Enhancing Your Motion Design Animation

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Unlike my other animated projects, this project follows a “less is better” approach with real-life motion. When describing their product, service, or brand, they want to present their information in a simple, friendly, and memorable way. So I have shared some useful techniques that are often used in my projects.

Keep-Alive: Having various animations, jumping from all four corners of your screen can actually be more damaging and distract the viewers from our message. As a general rule, keep their animations simple, clever, and fun! I hope this makes sense.

Some of the noticeable animation methods which were an appeal to the clients are listed below,

Exaggeration: This method is used to push the movement further and add more appeal to action and pose.

Posing: Posing is very important to animation. Doing some research and having gesture scribbles like below will be really helpful while planning the rigging.

Match Cut — A cut in which the composition and subject matter match visually.

Camera motion: When you have an option to play around with camera options then why not! to achieve real-time camera motion we added some camera shake and zoom effect instead of animating scene objects separately.

Scene Introduction: By far the most effective way to declare a character’s importance is to plan your opening scene or transition scene from their viewpoint.

Fluid motion: Visually-driven objects, the impact of imagery only increases with the help of animation. Our eyes innately pay attention to moving objects, and animation is like below — catchy elements with fluid motion are to help get attention.

Straight Ahead Animation: Used often in fx such as smoke and water splashes(example above transition).

Rough-cut(pre-viz): A first edit, the assembly of footage that serves as a first attempt to finalize shot selection and trims of scenes.

That’s it! I hope the above details are helpful to achieve top-notch motions for your client without spending too much time on brainstorming.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. I’ll try to help you out with the utmost passion.

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